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Is there a way we can change the /nifi in the URL?

When we launch the NiFi on localhost, it's running on


I want to change that URL to


Rising Star

@Sunil Neurgaonkar NiFi does not support this right now, but you might look at something like putting a proxy or a load balancer in front of NiFi that can remap the URL as needed.

@Sunil Neurgaonkar

As Mike specified in his answer you could do that. Assuming that you are not really looking to do that for your localhost, but for a production level deployment using your company domain, you could also map URL to a subdomain, e.g. If you want to have another that means you are pointing to a different nifi cluster. Currently, there is no segmentation of nifi instance for multiple applications, something like .../nifi/app1, /nifi/app2 ... etc.

I am going to deploy it on my server.

Let's say I have a domain and I have put NiFi on this server. The NiFi launches on but instead I want it to launch in

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