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Is there a way we can find out total number of application ran on YARN within a time period

Expert Contributor

Hi All,

We are trying to find out a way from where we can get the information of applications ran on YARN over a period of time. Let's say in a week. We tried with YARN/APP Timeline Server rest api's but that didn't helped much.

We have AMS configured. In YARN - HOME, under Apps we can view the completed application on a day to day basis. We tried accessing hbase using phoenix client to capture the same but with no luck.

Any help on this.


Rising Star

See if you can play with the RM cluster applications API with query params startedTimeBegin, startedTimeEnd, finishedTimeBegin and finishedTimeEnd to get what you need -


http://<rm http address:port>/ws/v1/cluster/apps?startedTimeBegin=1525820200652&sta rtedTimeEnd=1525827204652&limit=100

Its important to put a limit in the query to avoid a runaway query potentially returning thousands of apps.

Here is the documentation providing details -

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