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Is there any way to stop an HBase major compaction?

I would need to stop an hbase major compaction since it is affecting the performance of reads/writes


Expert Contributor

Please set the value for hbase.hregion.majorcompaction to "0"





This will disable the major compactions and you can trigger it manually during the off peak hours. Make sure we restart hbase services for this to take effect.

This is for disabling future major compactions, but is there any way to stop a running major compaction?

Expert Contributor

@Joan Viladrosa

No .. I don't think we can do that .


@Joan Viladrosa there was a JIRA that proposed such functionality but since major compaction is part of normal operations for HBASE, it was marked as resolved. I don't know of any way of stopping compaction in flight in a gracious manner. Perhaps you'd want to open a JIRA again and try your luck? In general, you are better off turning off future compactions and manage schedule via cron. Seems to me this is a minor inconvenience and you won't get much luck getting it through.

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