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Is there workaround for putHive3Streaming and unsupported primitives?

I tried to port records on RDB into Hive 3 by putHive3Streaming with NiFi 1.7. , but I found putHive3Streaming does not support DECIMAL, TIMESTAMP which the table on RDB has. (The issue was solved, but the version is 1.8)

After I encountered the problem, I tried to use PutHiveStreaming, but it didn't work. It put datas on warehouse, but Hive doesn't read them. When I was using Hive2, it could read.
So Question is:
1)Is there any workaround for unsupported primitives?
2)Does PutHiveStreaming have compatibility with Hive3? If so, why I can't select the datas?


Was this issue solved? I need the answer for 2) as well

Hi, @Cesar Rodrigues

I upgraded my HDF 3.3 Now NiFi is 1.8. (1) was solved.

I don't found document about (2) yet. But it seems that PutHiveStreaming does not have compatibility with Hive3 because directory stracture was changed from Hive2.

Thanks @Kei Miyauchi. I've upgraded my HDF as well. Now I'll just try to use PutHive3Streaming. Thank you!

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