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Isilon One Fs 8.0 and HDP 2.5 failed to add new host

Hi every body i m trying to deploy hdp 2.5 into isilon i ve configured DNS , and it works correctly, i ve installed ambari server and agent in sandbox cluster ! i set hdfs config in isilon, but when it is about adding new host into my sandbox cluster, it fails, i don t know why, thank you.


I need a bit more information, are you trying to add Isilon to an HWX sandbox VM? or have you already run the cluster create wizard?

Hi Nicholas, Thank you for your quick answer,

I'm trying to add Isilon to an HWX sandbox VM .

First i configured DNS ( smart connect + 2hosts ( sandbox and isilon ) + isilon delegation )

then i ve installed ambari server agent with appropriate configuration

i ve installed isilon hadoop tools , create new user and directories , set hdfs ambari namenode and server,

but when it comes to add new host into sandbox VM it failes,

If you need log files,i can paste it later.

Thank You

Ok that is a hard problem, there are permissions and user accoutns that need to match and since they are already set up its a manunal process for you to match them up. Its easier to install a fresh centosVM and add Isilon to it as a new install.

Is this a vitual Isilon node as well or a real cluster?


Actually i used this guide! I have just one cluster sandbox . So i can just add new host . When i choose add new host and i indicate isilon delegation and perform manual registration it fails .

I m using isilon one fs simulator with 3 nodes ! And hdp 2.5

So I have done this before and it is not a stable configuration.

I put this together for the Hortoworks SE's

This is a one node Isilon cluster and a one node Hortonworks installation. All you need to do is configure your networking to use the IPs as configured. (see README)

Hi Nicholas ! thank you for the folder, now i see better the problem related ti users, i m getting this :

User issues, the amabari server shows this report

Users # # A space delimited list of users who should not exist. # Provided so that administrators can easily copy paths into scripts, email etc. # Example: userdel hdfs

New Contributor

Hi Nicholas, which tool do you use for those attached vmdks (CentOS + ISILON) most efficiently?

hello ,

thank you for this link , i ll try it , but would you mean that it is not possible to make this job with sandbox cluster?

hello ,

thank you for this link , i ll try it , but would you mean that it is not possible to make this job with sandbox cluster?

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