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Issue With HBase UI it doesn't show any region servers.

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I have 2 HBase server (one is active and second is standby) and 4 Region Servers,

while clicking on Active HBase Master UI, there are no regionserver for hbase reporting to hbase master

But clicking on the Standby HBase Master UI, i can see the 4 regionservers detail.

Can any one help me what is the actual issue with HBase.


Bhupesh Khanna


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@Bhupesh Khanna

Please check if the Hostname resolution is correct for all the region servers and Both the HBase instances are able to resolve the hostname properly. (May be checking the "/etc/hosts") file will be good and matching the hostname resolution.

1) Verify that your regionservers are actually running (use tools like ps or jps)

2) Check the RegionServer log for errors about "reporting for duty" to the Master

3) Check the Master for errors about receiving requests "reporting for duty" from RegionServers