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Issue in developing custom processor on top of listS3

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I am trying to develop a custom processor following answers regarding the same. (Ex: My use-case is that I need to add some additional functionality to ListS3 processor. I followed the maven command and successfully generated

Could anybody please help me with steps on how I use ListS3 code and edit on top of it. Do I need to clone entire nifi repo or nifi-aws-bundle? If yes, how to integrate nifi-aws-bundle and my nifi-customProcessor-bundle? Tried few solutions recommended but these error still remains - 

- Cannot resolve symbol 'amazonaws'

- Cannot resolve symbol 'list'
 - Cannot resolve symbol 'AbstractS3Processor'

 - Cannot resolve symbol 'getLogger'

 - Incompatible types. Found: 'org.apache.nifi.processors.customProcessor.CustomProcessor.ListedS3VersionSummaryTracker', required: 'ListedEntityTracker<ListableEntityWrapper<S3VersionSummary>>'

and many similar errors.

Thank you for looking into this problem in advance!


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1.first try this import*;


2.check if you are having dependency for this

3. check  version of dependency(