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Issue installingHDP with Ambari - scratching my head

RHEL 6.5; ambari; HDP 2.6.3; local repositry

Installing on a 10 node cluster. Installation proceeds well until one or more of the servers reports this: "

Server considered task failed and automatically aborted it". This is right after ambari attempts to install a package.

I know it is not a repository error because installation completes on most other servers. The servers where it fails changes with each installation attempt.

I know it is not an install issue because when I check that server, the package that was attempting to be installed has been installed. It is almost as if ambari did not get the signal that the install succeeded.

Where do I begin debugging this issue?


Hey @Rahul Tikekar!
Could you check the ambari-agent / ambari-server logs? And check if you see any WARN/ERROR on these logs.
Hope this helps.

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