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Issue while connecting to phoenix via Python with phoenixdb

New Contributor

Hi, as in title I'm actually trying to connect Phoenix via Python3 with phoenixdb packages. I already made this connection with DBeaver and everything works fine, except that it seems to be required a very long list of drivers in order to set it up. Luckily dbeaver did it almost by itself and when I see driver properties it returns me this long lists of jars (alleged image) needed to connected to Phoenix. On the otherside if I look Phoenix documentation it seems to be needed only phoenix-hbase-client driver. I'm little confused but I tried

import phoenixdb.cursor<br><br>conn = phoenixdb.connect('<hostname-used-in-dbeaver-connection>', autocommit=True, )<br><br>cursor = conn.cursor()

and it returns me:

File "C:\Python 3.6.5\lib\site-packages\phoenixdb\", line 158, in connect  raise errors.InterfaceError('Unable to connect to the specified service', e)phoenixdb.errors.InterfaceError: ('Unable to connect to the specified service', ConnectionRefusedError(10061

What am I missing?

Furthermore I tried also with jaydebeapi package:

import jaydebeapi
conn = jaydebeapi.connect("org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixDriver", 'jdbc:phoenix:<hostname-used-in-dbeaver-connection>', r'C:\Users\LENOVO2\Desktop\phoenix-core-4.5.2-HBase-0.98.jar') 

but in this case I get:

File "C:\Python 3.6.5\lib\site-packages\jaydebeapi\", line 381, in connect  jconn = _jdbc_connect(jclassname, url, driver_args, jars, libs)  File "C:\Python 3.6.5\lib\site-packages\jaydebeapi\", line 190, in _jdbc_connect_jpype  jpype.JClass(jclassname)  File "C:\Python 3.6.5\lib\site-packages\jpype\", line 73, in JClass  raise _RUNTIMEEXCEPTION.PYEXC("Class %s not found" % name)jpype._jexception.RuntimeExceptionPyRaisable: java.lang.RuntimeException: Class org.apache.phoenix.jdbc.PhoenixDriver not found



I'm not that much familiar with the driver you are using but recently we incorporated

For usage:-

Related jira:-

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