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Issue with Virtual box - VT-X missing

New Contributor


Hi Team,

I am facing issues while starting hrotonworks sandbox in oracle VMWARE. please find below snapshot of error message and error log. Please help.



Super Mentor

@Akansha Chopra

which version of VirtualBox are you using? Is it the latest one? (If not can you please try the latest Virtual Box version) like 5.2.8 ...etc

Also are you running the VirtualBox as Admin User?

Can you please share the "VBoxHardening.log" file here to get more details.

Also please verify the "md5" sum result of the Sandbox file that you downloaded from Hortonworks side to double check if the downloaded file is ok or corrupted. You can find the MD5 of the sandbox file here:

Super Mentor

@Akansha Chopra

I recooked at the attached log file and can see the following error is causing the failure:

00:00:06.442173 VMSetError: F:\tinderbox\win-5.2\src\VBox\VMM\VMMR3\HM.cpp(736) int __cdecl 
HMR3Init(struct VM *); rc=VERR_VMX_NO_VMX 

00:00:06.442563 VMSetError: VT-x is not available

Are you sure that you have enabled the Virtualization option in the local machine BIOS and restart the computer.
So can you please check if the "Hyper-V" is disabled on your windows?

Please make sure that the you have "Enabled VT-x in BIOS"