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Issue with setting up HUE/HIVE on HDP

New Contributor

Hi Everyone,


I really need help on how to get hue working on my system.

I have downloaded HDP and would like to set up HUE and have been having challenges with it.  Kindly assist me with how to solve the issue with HIVE and other services not starting.


Here is the screenshot of what I have:

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 5.24.11 PM.png


Super Guru

@Chigoz    Your issue with that sandbox cluster is likely too many services trying to run on too small of an instance/node.  You will need to strategically turn on the components you need individually starting with HDFS first.  If you have issues specific to the sandbox, or certain components starting, you should open a post with those specific errors. 



To install HUE, check out my management pack:


Local search for "hue install" topics includes articles reference above hue mpack:


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