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Issues with SelectHiveQL Processor in Nifi (1.3.0) with Date Columns

Would anybody tried connecting SelectHiveQL processor in nifi to Hive with Date Columns and Timestamp Columns and inserted the data in postgres.

Need some help i have a table in Hive with Date and Timestamp Columns so i have created same structure has Hive in Postgres database, while inserting the data from Hive to Postgres am facing issues with Dates Columns.

If i skip Date Columns it is getting inserted the data, please help me to resolve the issue.

If anybody done this before please let me know how you have achieved it.

For more information can you can get it from here

Help is Appreicated


Hello, is my question not clear because I haven't received any query from anybody on my question, would you please respond on my issue, its been long time.

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