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JDBC for Hive for CDH v 5.13.2

JDBC for Hive for CDH v 5.13.2


We are using CDH v 5.13.2. The Hive version is 1.1.0    I think.


We need the jdbc for Hive. Can I know which is the right jdbc version for above Hive version and where I can find it?


I had downloaded Cloudera_HiveJDBC_2.5.4.1006. Not sure if that is the right compatible version.


Also in the above downloaded directory I find a whole bunch of jars - hive_metastore, hive_service, hiveJDBC3, log4j-1.2.14 etc.


But for a user's code to connect to Hive using jdbc, they only need a jar file right?


Appreciate the clarification.





Re: JDBC for Hive for CDH v 5.13.2

Please confirm what version of mysql-connector-java.jar are you using? Can you try to upgrade to latest version if not the latest yet?

Re: JDBC for Hive for CDH v 5.13.2

Sorry, please ignore the above update, it was meant for another thread.

Sorry about the confusion.

Re: JDBC for Hive for CDH v 5.13.2

The latest Cloudera Hive JDBC driver should work.

Regarding how to use it, please refer to below official doc for detail:

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