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JDBC for Hive for CDH v 5.13.2


We are using CDH v 5.13.2. The Hive version is 1.1.0    I think.


We need the jdbc for Hive. Can I know which is the right jdbc version for above Hive version and where I can find it?


I had downloaded Cloudera_HiveJDBC_2.5.4.1006. Not sure if that is the right compatible version.


Also in the above downloaded directory I find a whole bunch of jars - hive_metastore, hive_service, hiveJDBC3, log4j-1.2.14 etc.


But for a user's code to connect to Hive using jdbc, they only need a jar file right?


Appreciate the clarification.





Please confirm what version of mysql-connector-java.jar are you using? Can you try to upgrade to latest version if not the latest yet?

Sorry, please ignore the above update, it was meant for another thread.

Sorry about the confusion.

The latest Cloudera Hive JDBC driver should work.

Regarding how to use it, please refer to below official doc for detail:

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