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Jmeter error occurred while running jmeter.bat


just download and extracted jmeter on my pc. when i do double click jmeter.bat, this error occurred

An error occurred: class over
rides final method setMap.(Ljava/util/Map;)V
Press any key to continue . . .

why the jmeter has to do with any idea what is wrong with my environment?

im using apache-jmeter-2.11 and java version "1.7.0_51"

i have also extracted 5 plugins: standard set, extras with lib set, extras set, WebDriver set and Hadoop set.


i sort of found out the problem. It is because i din't extract the plugins in correct order.

it must follow this order: Extras > ExtrasLib > Hadoop > Standard > WebDriver when extracting the plugins into jmeter directory. Then the jmeter can be started without error.


New Contributor

Hello , Thanks for asking this Question... Because i am also Getting Same type of Error while Running JMeter.bat... Please Let us Know if u find the ans it will be helpfull for Jmeter Learners...

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