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JobHistory Server Unavailable


I am trying to access the jobhistory server in my sandbox but it gives me site cant be reached. I'm sure that the historyserver is running as I also restarted it multiple times. I also checked using jps and were able to see the JobHistoryServer.

Need your help guys.





First check the process is running or by using,

ps -aux | grep JobHistoryServer

If it is running take the PID from the first field of the ps result and do,

netstat -tulpn | grep PID

If 19888 port is in Listening mode then check your firewall setting or IP address of sandbox and check it in browser.

@nshelke: Yes, it is running and the ports were listening. But still, inaccessible. What should i modify in my firewall. Please refer to my screenshots.





Cloudera Employee
@Bruce Perez

Could you please confirm that you can telnet to JHS port from your desktop?

telnet 19888

Hi @Vaisakh Sundaram: I tried and cannot connect. see screenshot.


Cloudera Employee
@Bruce Perez

I believe you might need to check your local firewall settings and make sure 19888 port is open to make the connection to JHS URL.

@Bruce Perez

Please check, The IP assigned to the sandbox by using "ifconfig" command. It will give you two IP's one internal and one external, please use external IP in browser and try to access JobHistory Server. If external IP is not assigned to sandbox, please assign it by modifying vbox's network settings.

This should work.

Hi @nshelke: I'm not using vbox. The sandbox is in Azure.

@Bruce Perez,

Are you able to ping the server from your end please check it and If you are able to ping the server then check the setting in azure for the port 19888 is open or not in firewall.

@nshelke: I was not able to ping the server, but I can open other web urls like Ambari, Hue etc. I sent a screenshot above.

@Bruce Perez

Are you able to ssh into the server, if yes please use below command,

ifconfig eth0 | grep "inet addr" and then use the IP in the browser.