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JoltTransformJSON won't allow attribute / EL

JoltTransformJSON won't allow attribute / EL


According to JoltTransformJSON documentation, the JoltSpecification properties supports Expression Language.


What I want is to use the FlowFile attribute containing the Jolt spec.


Unfortunately, this is invalid as signified by the caution symbol.


Is using attribute for Jolt specification property allowed?


Re: JoltTransformJSON won't allow attribute / EL

What version of NiFi/HDF are you using? There was a validation bug (NIFI-3708) that was fixed in NiFi 1.2.0 / HDF 3.0. If that's not the cause, where are you setting the 'myattr' attribute? Is it possible the attribute can evaluate to empty in some cases? Please share screenshots/etc. of your flow and I will take a closer look, thanks!

Re: JoltTransformJSON won't allow attribute / EL


Yea, it looks like I'm using an older version that does not have that feature. The documentation I'm looking at is version 1.3.0.

Re: JoltTransformJSON won't allow attribute / EL

New Contributor

I am facing exactly the same problem.

My NiFi version is:

Powered by Apache NiFi - Version

02/25/2018 20:13:30 UTC

Tagged nifi-1.5.0-RC1

I create a POC with an UpdateAttribute that is creating the attribute 'transformRules' with the value:

    "operation": "shift",
    "spec": {
      "*": {
        "PartNr": "[&1].PartNumber",
        "TcdMakeID": "[&1].Description",
        "TcdCountryCode": "[&1].PartPrice"

Then I have a JoltTransformJSON processor that uses this attribute as Jolt Specification, and the components looks like this:




ideas about how can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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