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JoltTransformation unable to marshal json


Unable to solve this issue.


The process works with the Advance editor



    "operation": "shift",
    "spec": {
      "@.source": "header.source",
      "": "",
      "@.publishedAt": "",
      "@.title": "header.title",
      "@.description": "header.description",
      "@.urlToImage": "header.image",
      "@.url": "header.url",
      "@": "source"
    "operation": "default",
    "spec": {
      "header": {
        "type": "News",
        "ingestMethod": "NiFi",
        "injestionMethod" : "${methodName}",
        "injestionUrl" : "${url}${searchQuery}${apiKey}${fromDate}${domains}",

the feed coming from a JsonSplit

"source": {
"id": "abc-news-au",
"name": "ABC News (AU)"
"author": "ABC Radio National",
"title": "The Talented Mr Daly",
"description": "Peter Daly projects confidence and success. He wears gold rings, gold cufflinks, and a gold watch. The market, he says, is his backyard and he knows it \"damn well\". But the 59-year-old is actually in a world of trouble. The corporate watchdog, ASIC, accuses h…",
"url": "",
"urlToImage": "",
"publishedAt": "2018-08-25T22:05:00Z"

New Contributor

Hey Lee, did you figure something out with this. I am having the exact same issue on version 1.6.x . Thanks

New Contributor

Lee, all,

We tracked down the issue to an attribute variable I was using to put into the json. It had unescaped/hidden characters (\n) that where causing the JOLT processor to fail; however like you, it would work via the "Advance Editor". I used escapeJson() on the attribute it works it also makes the \n are visible in the flowfile.

Simple Example:



"operation": "default",

"spec": {

"content": "${ext_content:escapeJson()}", <- ext_content attribute contained the issue

"date": "${ext_date}",

"updateDate": "${ext_updateDate}"




Hope this this helps and saves someone else some time!


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