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Kafka De-duplicating Message

New Contributor

Hi, our client asking if we can prevent Kafka deduplication msg. Is that possible?

Our flow working like this:

CDC => Kafka => AB Initio consumer

How can we make sure, Kafka will only publish exactly one msg from CDC and not duplicating any event?


Thank you


Expert Contributor

Hi @hbinduni 


From Kafka 0.11, the KafkaProducer supports two additional modes: the idempotent producer and the transactional producer. The idempotent producer strengthens Kafka's delivery semantics from at least once to exactly-once delivery. In particular producer, retries will no longer introduce duplicates.


It's important to mention that If the producer is already configured with acks=all, there will be no difference in



Additionally, the Order of messages produced to each partition will be guaranteed, through all failure

scenarios, even if is set to more than 1 (5 is the default, and also the highest value supported by the idempotent producer).


More details in the document below: