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Kafka Publish failure in NIFI



I am observing that kafka publish is failing in NIFI when i send one success and failure data alternatively.


The scenario we are testing is, i am sending one success data and other one failure data.

when i say failure data, i have removed the permission for the topic so that publish fails.


for success data , topic is - svc_123

for failure data , topic is - svc_456


i removed publish permission for topic "svc_456" so that publish fails and goes to retry flow.

i am sending data alternatively for  topic "svc_123" and "svc_456". 


In this scenario, i see that even for topic "svc_123" the publish is failing. Not sure why the publish is failing for topic "svc_123" even though all permissions are given.


And this scenario is seen when we send one success and one failure data as i have explained above.


From NIFI logs no much info on why publish fails for "svc_123".


To add on, when i send 3 messages for svc_123 followed by 3 messages for svc_456 , its working as expected, the issue is seen when data is sent alternatively


Any help would be appreciated