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Kafka - Topic based Data Retention Period setup over the default settings in CM

New Contributor


Need info on how does topic based data retention policy takes precedence over the global settings?


Ex: My_Topic1 do not have any retention policy defined in ZK, hence the default global settings 7 days (as in CM settings for will be applied by default. But If I want to set 90 days for My_Topic2 alone using ZK alter command, will that be overridden from the global default settings? Or do we need to set global policy longer than My_Topic2 period?


Expert Contributor

Hi @AshwinPatil 


If I understood correctly, the question is if topic alter configs will take precedence over the broker global settings, right? if yes, then the answer is "yes" if we alter the topic using, for example, this will take presence over log.retention.hours specified in the brokers.

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