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Kafka conumser lag in Ambari metric


We have Ambari

I have been working on Kafka monitoring and I am trying to compare Ambari metric + Grafana with Kafka Manager from Yahoo.

One the important metrics in Kafka is consumer goup lag. In Grafana dashboard "Kafka - topics", there is consumer lag graph. This graph is always empty when a topic is selected (no data). Does someone have this dashboard working as expected ?

How to get consumer lag per consumer group for each topic in Ambari metric.

Thank you


Rising Star

@Naveen R

The Consumer Lag graph under Fetcher Lag Metrics is actually lag for replica fetcher not the consumer lag per consumer group, as you can see the metric too for example is something like:


As for now we do not have specific graph in Grafana for consumer lag per consumer group.

Thank you.

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