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Kafka setup Multibroker on multiple servers AWS EC2

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I was trying to setup my kafka cluster on multiple servers as brokers. I'm not really sure what should be the configurations for this scenario. I checked online and on official Apache website but it only has the setup for multibroker within the same server but not that I wanted to. Could anyone please help me with this. It'd be highly appreciated.

My current setup: the same setting on all my nodes with different and respective









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Confluent, the support company of Kafka have this documentation

  1. Each Broker must connect to the same ZooKeeper ensemble at the same chroot via the zookeeper.connect configuration.
  2. Each Broker must have a unique value for set explicitly in the configuration OR must be set to true.
  3. Each Broker must be able to communicate with each other broker directly via one of the methods specified in the listeners or advertised.listeners configuration

Word of advice: Don't store Zookeeper and Kafka data on the same volume. Also store the OS and process logs separate from the actual Zookeeper and Kafka data

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