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Kafka spool log files



I found following log files in /var/log/log_hadoop/log/kafka/audit/hdfs/spool/archive path and these are taking lot of space. What are these files? Can I delete these files? How to control it?

11G spool_kafka_20171022-0406.23.log

11G spool_kafka_20171023-0406.30.log

11G spool_kafka_20171024-0406.30.log

11G spool_kafka_20171025-0406.31.log

11G spool_kafka_20171026-0406.32.log


Super Collaborator

That's the Ranger Kafka Plugin logging HDFS auditing.

Log into Ranger Admin UI if you want to disable it.


Can we delete these files?

Super Collaborator

Do you need auditing in your system, then no.

If not, then yes, and why did you have it enabled?

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