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KafkaProducer is not working on hdp 2.4 cluster


Hi all,

We want to write a simple kafka producer on our HDP 2.4 cluster .( 1 master 3 datanode.)

for loop is working but,the messages was not sent to kafka topic.

I have tried more different value for bootstrap.servers parameters but still not working.

There is no ERROR or WARNING in log files about that.

console producer and consumer are working ;

. ../bin/ --broker-list lat01bigdatahwdn:6667 --topic testtopic

../bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 --topic testtopic --from-beginning

props.put("bootstrap.servers", "localhost:9092"); with these line, producer is working on MS windows OS.

Code ;

13205-code-01.png and producer.xml are as follows;





@Faruk Berksoz

As you are running Kafka on non-Kerberized env - use --broker-list like in Windows env instead of bootstrap.server

../bin/ --broker-list lat01bigdatahwdn:6667 --topic testtopic
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