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Kerberos Setup on HDP 2.6


I want to setup kerberos on HDP 2.6. i have never done this before. Can anyone share the step by step commands/procedure on how to go about it? i am totally new to kerberos. i am using Centos.



@Geoffrey Shelton Okot , but it is not there for me ...



@Jay Kumar SenSharma

Is there an explanation as to why a user can fail to accept an answer because the option is "grayed out"? In this thread, a user wanted to accept my response but somehow he is unable 🙂

Can you help !!!

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@Geoffrey Shelton Okot

Only a user who own the thread Or a user with 1000+ points can accept other users answers as accepted.

I have marked your previous answer as "Accepted" which you answered on "Aug 09, 2017" as that answer looks more informative form this HCC thread perspective.