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Keytabs are not creating for few nodes

I have setup 10 nodes cluster and I kerberize the cluster, but 8 of them are working, but 2 nodes are not creating keytabs. I was trying to regenerate, but it is not picking up those 2 nodes.

How can I fix it?


Hi @Anpan K,

Is the two nodes having any HDP services or is it just a node added to ambari.

What is the error you are facing when trying to regenerate Keytabs ?

Is kerberos clients installed in your problamatic nodes ?

Is there any alerts or warnings related to this in your cluster.

These are worker nodes and datanode and nodemanagers are down due to kerberos, but other services are up and running.

Three is no error message, when I try to regenerate it is basically skipping those 2 nodes.

Yes, kerberos clients are installed already.

No alerts or warning about it.


@Anpan K

Can you validate that the krb5.conf matches the rest of the working node? This is a file that has to be identical on all the nodes in the cluster.

Yes, file is identical to all other nodes.

Can I delete the host and add it again ? Would it help?


@Anpan K

If they are datanodes then decommission and then add them to the cluster as a last resort. Will you clean them up before joining them to the cluster.

Before doing that can you check id the NTPD is running and those problematic datanodes are in sync [Time] with the rest?


@Anpan K

Any updates? Do you still need help to resolve this issue?


@Anpan K

Any update do you still need help with this issue?

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