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Knox gateway frequently crashes after being flooded


Knox gateway frequently crashes after being flooded

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We have a client application that interracts with our HDP 2.5 cluster using webHDFS over knox gateway.

In knox logs, we can see following warning on a very frequent basis (up to 1 million times per day !) :

2017-05-30 00:01:10,464 WARN http.HttpParser ( - badMessage: java.lang.IllegalStateException: too much data after closed for HttpChannelOverHttp@3cfdbe91{r=3,c=false,a=IDLE,uri=} 

And knox gateway crashes several times a day...

After googling around, this warning seems to be thrown by embedded jetty server, and according to jetty documentation :

Jetty limits the amount of data that can post back from a browser or other client to the server. This helps protect the server against denial of service attacks by malicious clients sending huge amounts of data. The default maximum size Jetty permits is 200000 bytes. You can change this default for a particular webapp, for all webapps on a particular Server instance, or all webapps within the same JVM. 

Apparently, we can change this limit in some jetty-web.xml configuration files, but couldn't find out such files on my knox server... Is there a specific location where I can configure this, or did I miss something ?

Is there a mean to prevent knox crashing by "rejecting" faulty requests from the client ?

Thanks for your help


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