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Kudu tablet Size


Kudu tablet Size

New Contributor

Hi Team,


How to find the overall capacity of my Kudu Cluster, based on the size of the tablets and how many tablets i have in my Kudu Cluster.


I know i have utilized tablets to around 3Tb.What is the size total capacity in case i need


Re: Kudu tablet Size

Cloudera Employee

-> I dont think there's a way as of now to check the overall capacity of kudu. However, You can check the individual kudu tserver size on disk by using the linux command on the host "du -sh" /<kudu-path>/


Further you can check the individual table size on disk by using CM charts.


How much space a Kudu table is using on disk:
1. Go to the Kudu service and navigate to the Charts Library tab.
2. On the left-hand side menu, click Tables to display the list of tables currently stored in Kudu.
3. Click on a table name to view the default dashboard for that table. The Total Tablet Size On Disk Across Kudu Replicas chart displays the total size of the table on disk using a time-series chart.
Hovering with your mouse over the line on the chart opens a small pop-up window that displays information about that data point. Click the data stream within the chart to display a larger pop-up window that includes additional information for the table at the point in time where the mouse was clicked.



Hope this helps.

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