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LLAP does not startup


I've Ambari on a 5-nodes cluster - 2 master and 3 worker nodes. when I've tried enabling LLAP, I got the following error. Any idea how to resolve this?

I've attached the standard output and error logs from Ambari.



Super Mentor

@Mahmoud Sabri

As we see the following kind of errors:

LLAP Starting up with AppId=application_1520837155885_0025. Started 0/1 instances
	FAILED container:  container_e21_1520837155885_0025_01_000005, Logs at: http://WORER02:8042/node/containerlogs/container_e21_1520837155885_0025_01_000005/hive


So looks like the job execution is failing. For more infromation please check the Yarn Resource Manager UI to find more detailed logs and information about why the job is failing which has the Application ID "\application_1520837155885_0025" and also please share the application log and Container log from the RM UI.

Most likely we might find some resource limitation issue (like heap memory) by looking at the log like


Just to let you know, the cluster in deployed on the cloud and I do not have DNS server configured on the cluster.

Any idea for how this issue could be resolved?

@Mahmoud Sabri,

COuld you plese provide the yarn logs for the same.

yarn-logs.zipThanks @Ashnee Sharma

Please find attached the yarn logs.

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