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Launching ambari on ec2


I've install ambari on a Ubuntu server in ec2. Ambari starts fine, but I can't get to ambari from my laptop, it just times out. I want to run the browser from my laptop instead of running the browser on the Ubuntu server.

Thanks in advance!



@Scott McDowell

It's doable you will need to revise your security group on AWS.See attached screenshot,choose My IP this will automatically pick your local IP and allow it access to the ambari_host in AWS. Remember to give the good port ranges maybe all if you trust you laptop won't be used by anyone else to access your cluster this way all port ranger,RM are open

On your laptop make sure you have an entry for the AWS Ambari-server using the Public DNS

IP 		hostname 	ambariserver 

After having done the above now you can access your ambari locally using


Hope that helps



Thanks for your response!

I did this, but still not getting any response. I can't even ping it from my windows machine.


@Scott McDowell

Could you add an inbound rule also for only your IP? Make sure the IP corresponds to your public DNS IP!