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Limit Hive LLAP port range for connecting to datanodes

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I'm currently running into an issue when starting up Hive LLAP. It appears to fail because it is attempting to connect to the data nodes using a blocked port. I'd like to limit the allowed port range for LLAP.

I tried adding to slider-client.xml but it did not appear to work. Am I trying to set the wrong property? Am I adding the property to the wrong file?


I already successfully setup Yarn and Tez to use this port range utilizing the following properties:


Can you please post the stack trace you are seeing?

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You should set the property in the global section of the appConfig.json. LLAP appears to have a CLI option slider-appconfig-global that will add custom properties.

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> I'd like to limit the allowed port range for LLAP.

LLAP does not use the Slider port assignment scheme and instead pulls it from hive-site.xml (the interactive one)

Here are the port numbers and configs you might want to whitelist.

  • hive.llap.daemon.yarn.shuffle.port (15551)
  • hive.llap.daemon.web.port (15002)
  • hive.llap.daemon.rpc.port (0)

The last rpc port is likely where you're seeing issues because it is unassigned by default.

Also any tez changes you make need to go into tez_hive2/conf/tez-site.xml as well.