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Limitiation on Struct col Hive

Is there any limit on the size when creating struct column. for example

create table dd (id string array<struct<name :string,address:string ....5000 characters>>)

it creates a table but when i do a describe or select from that table its throwing error saying its expecting EOF at some 4000 character. My Metastore is mysql.


@preetham kumar

Could you post the complete ddl and how you are trying to describe/access the table?

create table dd (id string array<struct<name :string,address:string,more 400 cols >>)

table gets created but when i run

describe formatted dd or describe dd get the eol error.

looks like this is failing because of mysql limitation on the column string length, because when we mention strcut as a data type and create a string which is more than some thing around 5000 string length , it fails. i think changing the metastore from mysql to oracle or other might solve it . for now I have taken another approach

I have been facing the same issue .

InvalidObjectException(message:Invalid column type name length 2350 exceeds max allowed length 2000, type struct

I cannot change the metastore properties . is there any other way to increase the data type's length