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Listsftp only runs first time after start

We have listsftp/fetchsftp process configured on a cluster. They work great, however the Listsftp will only fire once after started even though we have it scheduled for 30 minute interval. It doesn't list any files after the first time it starts, even though there are new files added to directory every 30 minutes. We are using nifi-1.5.0


@Jonathan Bell What is the modified time of the new files. listsftp page indicates:

"After performing a listing of files, the timestamp of the newest file is stored. This allows the Processor to list only files that have been added or modified after this date the next time that the Processor is run. State is stored across the cluster so that this Processor can be run on Primary Node only and if a new Primary Node is selected, the new node will not duplicate the data that was listed by the previous Primary Node."

Perhaps the files are not read because of the above condition is not met.


Thanks for the feedback. I have read that description, and that is exactly what we want it to do. However even though there are files on the server that have a timestamp newer than what is listed in the Listsftp state, it still does not read them.

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