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Loading HDP docker image hangs

New Contributor


I am trying to set up the HDP Sandbox on Docker.

Unfortunately the import process into docker seems to hang.

I have run:

docker load -i HDP_2.6.3_docker_10_11_2017.tar

But after 2 hours this is hanging (or still running)?

How long should normally this operation take? Did anybody else encounter this issue?




Hi @Gerald Iakobinyi-Pich

I wish I could give a more definitive answer, but this depends on a number of factors including your machine's available CPU and RAM. One thing I would suggest you do ahead of time is to increase the amount of memory that you dedicate to Docker (the default is pretty low) -- it should speed up any Docker operation. See here for a how-to:

I've seen this load finish between 5min and (in an extreme case) 20-30min. If you ever find yourself throwing your hands up in frustration at Docker, you can also consider the VirtualBox version of the sandbox.

Good luck!