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Logging Spark applications when using LivyClinet

Logging Spark applications when using LivyClinet

New Contributor


I am working on a Hortonwork cluster which run Spark jobs using Livyclient as follow

LivyClient client = new LivyClientBuilder().setURI(new URI(livyUrl)) // .setConf("spark.executor.instances", "40") .setConf("spark.master", "yarn").build(); String localJar = "hdfs://"; client.addJar(new URI(localJar)).get();

I then try to log inside my application using

org.apache.log4j.LogManager.getRootLogger().info("This is an information log");

I am abit confused as there is no yarn installed on the cluster and I can not see logs in Spark history job when I go to executors. Can anyone suggest me how to get my own logs inside Spark applications. when running by Livyclient.


Re: Logging Spark applications when using LivyClinet

New Contributor

I changed the mode of application to run on yarn-cluster mode and now I get the logs..but I don't see any yarn on our cluster installed. I cant run yarn commands on cluster..but can run Spark jobs on yarn cluster mode using livy..I need to run yarn commands as well

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