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Logging sql query usage and time of execution.


화면 캡처 2022-07-14 164058.png

Here is my current Nifi workflow. 

1. Getfile bring the CSV file into the flow 

2. As you can see, they are saved in separated tables named 'cattle_auction_data' and 'cattle_auction_invalid_data' after going through UpdateRecord processor to add a column with the original filename.


Here is what I am trying to do. The Query Record processor performs two sql queries, 'valid' and 'invalid' 

화면 캡처 2022-07-14 164926.png

I would like to log the sql queries and their time of execution, make them go through updaterecord processor to add a column with the filename and save them into the table named 'validation-log' . that the final product looks like below 


filename  |                                  sql_query                                | time_of_execution

2022.csv | select * from FLOWFILE where gradenm= '999'...  |  22-07-14 07:33:26

2022.csv | select * from FLOWFILE where gradenm<> '999'.. |  22-07-14 07:33:26 


I think that 'executequery.query.executiontime' attribute can deal with the time of execution part, but I don't know how to log the sqlquery and eventually save them into a table. A lot of awesome people gave me answers in previous posts but since I am a NB to Nifi I had to ask another question here. Thanks for the help in advance