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Looking for a way to reuse the HDP cluster (nodes) that were previously deployed using Cloudbreak?

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We are using Cloudbreak to launch the instances as and when require and terminate the same way (as and when require), it works well, but is there a way that we use the cloudbreak to launch the same AWS instances (i hope this is not feasible) correct me? and found this: Launch AMIs does this mean that we need to have the customized AMIs, and from this it is still a TP in Cloudbreak 1.16.1

is there a way that we can achieve this?




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@Michael Young

any thoughts about this?

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@Venkata Sudheer Kumar M

Currently there is no way in Cloudbreak to reuse the same AWS instances in a future deployment. When you terminate a cluster then you terminate the whole infrastructure (Vpc, IGW, Instances, Disks).

Custom AMI is a different thing. Some of the enterprise company have their own certified AMI's. They are only allowed to use those images. For example our base images based on centos7 but if you want to use ubuntu or any other distribution then you have to prepare your own images for Cloudbreak.

What is your use case? why do you want to use the same instances? Do you want to decrease the cost ?



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Thanks a lot for your inputs, our end goal is to reduce the cost we are getting with the current EMR's we are using which we want to replace and use the cloudbreak to do the launching and use it for the needed time and terminate the session.