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Looking for steps to install and run tensorflow on HDP 2.5.3 cluster

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I have read the datalake 3.0 blog on tensorflow. Please provide suggestions for customers currently on HDP 2.5.3 cluster.

HDP cluster is installed on RHEL 7.3 , how about running tensorflow in docker on HDP edge node ?

Does anyone have experience running tensorflow on spark ?


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If you perform a search on tensorflow in the HCC Search, there are a number of excellent articles, such as:

plus articles on DZone:

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@Graham Martin Does the same steps work for CPU servers ?

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Tensorflow on Spark from Yahoo is very solid.

I have run it as a regular install on Hadoop nodes and NiFi nodes and it works fine.

I also like the paradigm of running separate GPU heavy nodes with TensorFlow Serving and communicating via gRPC. Also TensorFlow can save data to HDFS

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