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LookupRecord for multiple fields


I'm trying to build a generic NiFi flow that will take any file and run all field values through the same lookup service, regardless of how many fields are present, and what they are named.

In the description for the LookupRecord processor it states:

"Extracts one or more fields from a Record and looks up a value for those fields in a LookupService..."

I have it working with one hard-coded field name, which obviously only looks up values in that field, but is there a way to have it look up ALL fields in my dataset against one lookup service? The description suggests I can configure to use multiple fields as the key(s), but I can't see a way to do this in a recordPath.

I tried using /* as the key's recordpath, but that's not working, despite it processing all fields when used in an UpdateRecord processor. I also tried using ${'/')} as the key's recordPath, and various contortions of that, but can't seem to figure out how to use this processor on all fields in the flowfile.

Is there a better processor this this?



Hi danie_bates- am also having the same requirement and nothing is working out. Did you got any solution for this.