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MergeContent flows by a common attribute

New Contributor


I have a flow that reads a file with many lines, I do a split and later
I need to join the flows that have an attribute in common, but when doing it
it is joining all the lines obtained after the split


Example archive

1 ABC 555

2 ABC 333

3 DEF 444

4 DEF 222

5 GHI 777


After the split of each line I save an attribute _att_N_reclamo,
for example in line one _att_N_reclamo is ABC, and I need to do a
merge where three flows come out for example


flow one

1 ABC 555

2 ABC 333


flow two

3 DEF 444

4 DEF 222


flow three

5 GHI 777


I am using a MergeContent, but the result is a single stream.




Could you tell me how I could solve it.




Expert Contributor

How many flowfiles you get after splitting?

But as example for your properties of your processor


If you get like 10 flowfiles


set 'minimum number of entries' to 1000 (like maximum)

and you have to set the 'minimum bin age' like 10 sec


So if the first flowfile comes in with attribute value ABC the flowfile gets hold and the 10 sec timer gets startet and if the next one comes in within the time it is in the same bin. 

For every bin (in your case 3) the timer gets started for its own.


minimum number of entries gets ignored cause you set the minimum bin age