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Metric alert examples



I am interested in creating some alerts based upon cluster metrics that I see on the Grafana dashboard in Ambari.

I see there is an API for metrics ( which presumably means I can pull that same data via a service call. However, what I want to do is fire a notification based upon an alert so the less code I have to write the better.

I found this link about creating an alert definition based upon a metric and it looks like its just me posting the write data and I can create an alert based off of any one of these metrics:

However, I don't fully understand it and I was wondering if there is any more in-depth documentation or example set for creating alert definitions based upon metrics?




Hi. To build on this, would it be possible to provide me a real-world example of the .json required for doing a POST to create an alert definition, creating a metric-based alert, upon the following YARN metric? :


It doesn't have to be that one but that's one I'm interested in and once I understand this a bit better, I can go from there.


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