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Mongo DB install failing on HDP 2.6


Please help me to install MongoDB on my sandbox version 2.6.

Error attached.



Super Mentor

@Ashal Singh

Looks like you do not have internet connectivity issue.

Please check if you are able to ping hosts like "" or "" as following:

[root@sandbox tmp]# ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.

[root@sandbox tmp]# ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data


Super Mentor

@Ashal Singh

Apart from pinging the mentioned hosts from inside the Sandbox ... Please also try to access then from your Local Machine (Laptop) to see if your local machine has any internet connectivity issue).

If you are able to connect from your local laptop then in that case you should try to restart your Sandbox , Just to make sure that the Network Services are starting fine inside your HDP Sandbox or not?


Checked with the network team, this was their reponse:-

"ICMP is not allowed to the outside network so no ping will go in or out
so on your VM run the same website to Auth to the firewall"

My question is how do I do this on my sandbox VM?


@Jay SenSharma , I am able to ping the GitHub now from my local windows machine, although unable to ping on my sandbox.

Can you tell me which port forward are used to for HTTP connect on the Sandbox?

Thanks Ashal