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Move or rename files in ftp server after pull to HDFS with Apache Nifi


Hello Team,

I have scenario below need you help which processor use in apache nifi.

I want to pull near real time files from FTP server and put to HDFS. but after pull files I want to move those files to other path in the same ftp server or rename to new name like (.tmp).

Please help me to design this data flow.







@mala_etl Check out this feature in FetchSFTP:


Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 8.59.34 AM.png


It allows you to move the files into a new directory after fetching them.


Hello @steven-matison , Could you provide of value of each properties? 


@mala_etl Well I cant do all of them,  that would be to your values, not mine, but to achieve the move,  you need to set:

Completion Strategy: Move File

Move Destination Directory:  The directory to move file to

Create Directory:  enable true/ disable false


Be sure to check the ? for each property, it will explain everything.

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