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Moving .dat file into HDFS

Moving .dat file into HDFS

Hello Team,

I have .dat files ranging from 2GB - 500GB that are present in SAS server. I need to get these files and load it into Hive table. How can this be automated? I considered few options but they do not transfer the files fast.

Flume and Nifi: These are meant for realtime data ingestion. Though i can use them, but it will be an overkill. They are simply not meant for file transfer.

distcp: It is between HDFS cluster.On one server, i do not have HDFS

scp/winscp: These would be very slow over the network and for files >500G, I dont think anyone would recommend this approach.

Sqoop: I will not have access to tables, If i manage to get aceess, will i be able to transfer files by increasing number of mappers?

Any thoughts/suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


Re: Moving .dat file into HDFS

Hello Experts,

can someone please help me?