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Moving nifi from CentOS 7 to Debian 10

New Contributor

Hi! I am trying to move my nifi server from CentOS to Debian. I have an EFS volume that is mounted to the EC2, which I am using to preserve my nifi flows. But for some reason nifi is not able to load the flows on Debian. Do I need to make any changes to my flow or state files?


Not a lot of detail to go on here, but my first thought is:  


Are the files properly owned for the nifi user?

New Contributor

I have been running Nifi on CentOS7 and have been saving the state files to an EFS. Nifi server running on Debian10 is also configured to use the same EFS, but nifi is not picking up anything. 

Yes all the permissions look fine. 

My thought is if the state file has something in it that is Redhat specific?