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I have a System running on a cluster with HDP sandbox, i want to add an other cluter communicating with my old cluster.


Do you think i can create a 2 cluters System ?

if yes , how ?


thank you for the help .




Unfortunately, Ambari currently can not manage multiple clusters is not like Cloudera manager which you can use to many X clusters.

That being said, you can manage different hardware profiles within a single cluster using Ambari and config groups see this Cloudera documentation

That partly explains why CM was the super candidate for CDP 🙂


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Thank you for the answer.


i have now installed Cloudera on one machine as one cluster, and i want to add an other cluster i always fail.

the machine i add as a an other cluster has only an OS.


Do i need to prepare a machine before adding it as a cluster or an OS is enough ?


Thank you. 



That shouldn't be difficult 🙂 here are 2 links that should help you achieve that,I know for the first time it looks difficult but after a couple of implementations it becomes a piece of cake... easy. The first links hould be good enough with visuals so you just follow  hoping you have the same CM versions as there could be slight changes between versions 

How to Add a Cluster to Cloudera Manager

Document form Cloudera

Adding and Deleting Clusters