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Multiple processes in minifi on Windows


It appears from what I've looked at so far that we can convert only one process group to a YAML file and have minifi process it. We are planning on trying to use minifi to run a few different custom build conversion applications that are unrelated to one another and then ship the data to nifi. Is it possible to have multiple process groups being processed by minifi (or multiple minifi instances running on the same server)? Or do I just bundle process groups into one larger process group convert that and have it run on minifi on Windows?



Well, perhaps I should read the quick start guide that happy indicates that minifi doesn't support process groups. So, where does that leave me? Only one process group to run a few unrelated applications in one massive scary mess? I get that minifi isn't supposed to be what?

@Jeff Watson

I do not see why you cannot create the single process group that contains all of your processors necessary for windows. You just need to build the data flows and paste them together into one. Also try using a group inside of a group. Then just export the parent group. I also recommend using a common output and input port into NiFI where possible as this will make it more uniform. I can see where one might think a bunch of processors, multiple data flows, multiple input and outputs for minifi in a single group can be messy, but there is nothing wrong with this if it works.


When I finally started building it last night that idea finally dawned on me. Thanks for the confirmation. And pretty colored boxes (labels) to segregate the flows visually to make it a little less confusing.

accept answer pls...

When you get deep into nifi, its possible to have hundreds of processors, have fun with it, and be happy not writing code to do the same jobs...

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