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MySQL issue- Installation hive on the master secondary server

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I'm installing HDP2.6 in our small cluster : (two master nodes, one Ambari server and some slave nodes) . During Hive configuration and setting mysql connection , which is trying to connect to separate MYSQL server, i keep getting mysql.jar file error.

On the Ambri server, i can confirm that

hive-schema-0.13.0.mysql.sql under "/var/lib/ambari-server/resources/stacks/HDP/2.1/services/HIVE/etc" exit with the right permission and also under both master secondary server and Ambari server the "mysql-connector-java.jar" is exist under "/usr/share/java" with the right permission.

From both Ambari and Master node, i can connect to the mysql server.

I restart Ambari server also after adding the jars but still not luck.

Could you please advise what did i miss?




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@Sanaz Janbakhsh

Can you please share the exact error that you see?


@Sanaz Janbakhsh

HDP 2.6 uses InnoDB and NOT MyISAM can you validate using the below script

select engine 
from   information_schema.tables 
where  table_schema = 'schema_name'
   and table_name = 'table_name' 

You can change between storage engines using alter table:

alter table the_table engine = InnoDB;

Unfortunately the storage engine is specified per table. If you want to change it, you'd have to alter the table there is no alter database option.

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