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[NIFI] - GCPCredentialsControllerService - ListGCSBucket


Hi all,

Anybody already used google ControllerService and GCSBucket ?

I don't know how use it to list bucket.

Without NIFI, i've used gsutil and a configuration file how has these parameters


Any help welcome


New Contributor

I am interested in this question as well...

an example will be highly appreciated

New Contributor

steps I took to get things working... I was trying to access cloud storage from a laptop running linux... ultimate goal was to put files from the laptop to the gcp using nifi.

1. generate a private key in JSON (


2. private key (as json file) was loaded onto my local computer

3. made a reference to it in the configure controller service



4. loaded a file onto the gcp bucket and the action was recorded in data provenance


I am new to using NiFi...

New Contributor

Hi Anand,


I just saw your post about NiFi to GCP. I repeated the same process and the ControllerService showed errors to me: 


Failed to invoke@OnEnabled method due to org.apache.nifi.reporting.InitializationException: Error reading credentials from stream, 'type' field not specified Error reading credentials from stream, 'type' field not specified


Do you have 'type' field on your credentials json file? Thanks.


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