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what will be the basic authentication oser name & password for Invoke HTTP Post json in NiFi?? I want to connect this with Power BI app, so added API Url of Power BI app dataset.


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The InvokeHTTP processor supports HTTP methods for connecting to a target server.  The InvokeHTTP processor does not establish a listener for inbound http connections.

The properties for Basic Authentication Username and Password on this processor are used when the target endpoint supports basic auth and the username and password would need to provided by that target endpoint.  If basic auth is not supported by target endpoint, TLS is also supported.

If you want to setup a listener in NiFi for inbound HTTP you would use either ListenHTTP processor or the newer HandleHttpRequest/HandleHttpResponse processors.   NiFi processors do not support basic auth for inbound connections.  So to connect with these processors the source systems would need to pass a client/user certificate in a mutual TLS handshake as a way to identify the client.  This means the processor would need to have a StandardRestrictedSSLContextService controller service that is configured with a keystore (containing a serverAuth certificate the client system can trust) and truststore (containing the complete trust chain for the clientAuth certificate presented by your client).

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